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04.-08.09.: 13th GAPS Summer School - Performing Post-colonialisms

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Deadline registration: 4th August

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  • Summer School
  • Allgemeiner Termin
Wann 04.09.2017 08:00 bis
08.09.2017 20:00
Wo Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main
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Topics range from the African Diaspora on YouTube (Muwanga) and in the British Dance Industry (Uzor) to Bharatanatyam and traditional Indian Dance in Literature and Film (Furlanetto), Graphic Design in South Africa (Pretorius), the representation of illness in postcolonial texts (Halder), Cricket as Resistance (Rupp), the 'Hottentot Venus" (Sandten), Humanitarian Aid Workers in British Drama (Schlote), and more.

Participating students not only have lectures and seminars, but an evening program of: an interactive cooking event at the Freitags Kueche, a night of Capoeira, a reading by Anthony Joseph, book presentations, and a final party on Friday night.

Study, party and obtain up to 10 credit points.


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