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11.07.: Peer-Group Colloquium

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  • Kolloquium
Wann 11.07.2019
von 14:00 bis 16:00
Wo Konferenzzimmer (2.015), IAAK
Name Peri Sipahi
Contact Email
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Present your research ideas or concrete writing projects to a group of peers!

All stages of researching/writing welcome: from rough brainstorming ideas to almost finished papers or theses of all kind.
Students at any stage of their studies are welcome, whether you are struggling with your first BA term paper or are grappling for ideas for your MA thesis.

What you need to do:

› registration required (e-mail at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.])
› prepare a handout for your fellow students (deadline 4th July)

  •  presentations should be max. 10 mins.
  •  handouts will be made available for everyone to download on e-Campus
  •  everyone: prepare questions, ideas and suggestions in advance on the uploaded handouts

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at
[Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] (Peri Sipahi)
or come to my office hour
Thursday, 12-13
(office of Prof. Dr. Gymnich, 2.017)