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BGECS im neuen Gewand: Die Bonn Group for Eighteenth-Century Studies hat eine neue Homepage unter ins Leben gerufen. Hier finden Sie alle aktuellen Hinweise zur Lesegruppe, zu Exkursionen und sonstigen Veransataltungen und Themen rund um das 18. Jahrhundert. Schauen Sie doch mal vorbei!

BGECS hat sich zudem ein neues Logo gegeben, das die Schriftkultur des 18. Jahrhunderts und damit den vielschichtigen Forschungsgegenstand von BGECS mit einem hohen Wiedererkennungswert symbolisiert: BGECS_Logo_neu2_500px.jpg

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BGECS (Bonn Group for Eighteenth-Century Studies) was founded in January 2010 at the Department of English, American and Celtic Studies at the University of Bonn by Joana Staußberg and Dr. Gunda Windmüller, and is affiliated with the English Department's chair for Eighteenth-Century and Postcolonial Studies, Prof. Dr. Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp.

The group's purpose is to promote the growth, development and coordination of research relating to all aspects of the global "long" eighteenth century in all the aspects of its cultural heritage.

Thus, BGECS has a decidedly international, interdisciplinary and theoretical focus.

The international approach to research has a long and prestigious tradition in Bonn and as the group is located at the University's English Department, an international approach to eighteenth-century studies, both in terms of form and content, is one of our foremost aims. This approach is reflected in our conceptualization of a "global" eighteenth century as well as in our bi-lingual layout, encouraging and promoting exchange with international scholars.

We encourage and incorporate research into all aspects of the eighteenth century: literary, historical, ideological, philosophical, religious, scientific to name but a few, in order to endorse interdisciplinary research and to thereby cross traditional boundaries between fields of enquiry.

BGECS interdisciplinary orientation is strongly linked to its devotion to the "new" eighteenth century, that is, a conceptual opening of the field to specifically historical models of contemporary theory. In encouraging interdisciplinary exchange and, through this, aiming to shift away from a traditional focus on the dominant culture, we aspire to sharpen our outlook on the theoretical context of the period. In engaging with significant conceptual issues in eighteenth-century studies we attempt to endorse new critical practices and to give a lasting impulse to debate theoretical issues.

BGECS' set-up is consequently designed to further critical pluralism and the interdisciplinary discussion of theory, periodization, canon and tradition in eighteenth-century studies at large.

The group is open to anyone researching the eighteenth century at the University of Bonn. We do, however, especially seek to engage post-graduate scholars.