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Wilkommen zur Übersicht der IT Dienste

Auf dieser Seite finden Sie einen kurzen überblick der Leistungen des IT-Supports im IAAK.

Diese Dienste stehen Grundsätzlich allen MItarbeitenden des IAAK zur verfügung.


Information concerning Covid-19

Due to the current circumstances related to restrictions placed on face-to-face contact and the imminent prospect of conducting online courses it has become more difficult to ensure the usual level of support. Please be reassured that I am still available to assist with issues. I am able to provide remote support if you face serious problems with the computer you use for work.
If you plan to work from home please make sure of the following:
  1. Make copies of any files you will need. I recommend using Sciebo to do so
  2. Make sure you have the VPN Client installed.

    If you plan to conduct lessons from home
  3. Test the software (This is likely to be Zoom, the HRZ will announce this shortly)
  4. Make sure you have an adequate Microphone & Camera setup. In some cases the integrated camera and mic in Laptops may be sufficient. However, I would recommend a discrete condenser microphone (your students will thank you)
  5. Prepare your lessons in accordance with the new medium. It is a fundamentally different style of lesson. Please be aware of the unique characteristics, for example: Chat responses, presenting via powerpoint, live demonstrations, general asynchronicity.
Should you require assistance or tips concerning this please feel free to contact me directly: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


Supportanfragen/ Support Requests:

Bitte wenden Sie sich mit einer detailierten Problembeschreibung an: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Please submit a detailed report of the problem to: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


Anschaffung/ Aquisitions

Die folgende Standardliste enthält mögliche neue Geräte: Liste

Zusätzlich können geräte über einen Rahmenvertrag mit Dell angeschafft werden. Diese entnehmen Sie bitte diesem Portal.

Empfohlene Software können Sie ebenfalls der Standardliste Entnehemen.

The following Standardlist contains recomended items:

Additionally Devices (PCs, Monitors, etc) can be aquired through a contract with Dell. These are significantly reduced. They can be found here.

Recommended Software is also listed here.


IT Sevices

Der IT Support bietet ebenfalls gewisse Dienstleistungen zur Verbesserung der IT-qualität. Diese können der Standardliste entnommen werden. DIese beinhaltet u.a. Kabel Management Dienste und Neuaufsetzen des Computers

The IT Support also offers several services. These are also listed in the Standardlist. They include cable management and Computer resets.