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Imke 2022

Dr. Imke Lichterfeld (she/her)

(Programme Management / Studies Coordination)



Sabrina 2022  Kerstin 2022  Oscar 2022

Sabrina Rausch, BA (she/her)                      Kerstin Müller, BA (they/them)                      Oscar Niesen, BA (he/him)



General contact: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Please do not send separate mails to Dr. Meier, Dr. Lichterfeld, and the Coordination team. One email is enough. Please also always include your immatriculation number!

IF you use the ticket system via Basis, please be aware that these mails will also be answered by the coordination team. Please do not send a mail and a ticket.

Office Hours

  • in person or on request via Zoom! Mondays 10-12am, Tuesdays and Fridays 12-2pm

Registration via eCampus - you will receive a Zoom-link then!

  • Lichterfeld: see here



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