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Public Lecture and Workshop with Andrew Feenberg, June 15 and 16
This two-day event is organised by the Bonn Sustainable AI Lab of the University of Bonn. The overarching topic will be the intersection between philosophy of technology, technology as politics, and environmental movements. The workshop will specifically address AI in this context. This event will be a great opportunity to come in touch with a field in philosophy which has not gained much of attention. Prof. Andrew Feenberg is considered as one of the most influential voices in the philosophy of technology and is a prominent figure of what is called the empirical turn in the philosophy of technology. His approach, Critical Constructivism, provides a theoretical toolkit for assessing technology design in light of political choice. His approach combines critical theory as championed by Karl Marx and the Frankfurt School with a sociological constructivist lens on technology associated with Science and Technology Studies. Recent books of Prof. Feenberg are The Ruthless Critique of Everything Existing: Nature and Revolution in Marcuse’s Philosophy of Praxis (Verso Press, 2023); Technosystem: The Social Life of Reason (Harvard University Press, 2017) and The Philosophy of Praxis: Marx, Lukács and the Frankfurt School (Verso Press, 2014). The public lecture will take place on June 15, 6 pm to 8 pm, at the Hörsaal 1, University Main Building (Am Hof 3-5, 53113 Bonn) with a subsequent reception. The workshop will be held on June 16 from 1pm to 5.30 pm, at the Institut für Wissenschaft und Ethik (Bonner Talweg 57, 53113 Bonn). Prof. Feenberg's public lecture, open to all, will serve as an introduction to Critical Constructivism and philosophy of technology in general, whereas the workshop will explore Prof. Feenberg's ideas further by connecting them to discourses on AI, sustainability, and environmental movements. The workshop is open to all academic researchers in the Humanities of the University of Bonn, with preference to PhD students. Group size is limited to 25. Please reach out to Larissa Bolte, [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.], for registration and more information. No registration is required for the public lecture.
Lecture Series SS23: Digitalization Of Memory Practices And Heritage In Global Perspective
Tuesday, 6-8 pm (c.t.), 11.04.-11.07.2023, Lecture Hall IV (Main Building)
Workshop "Strategien gegen Hate Speech", Mo 08.05., ab 14 Uhr
Anmeldeschluss 28.04.23
Vortrag von Dr. Gerri Kimber, 25.05., 18.30 Uhr
Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft
Sprechstunde für internationale Masterstudierende
No Worries Group for International Students