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Medieval Oral Literature


Paperback edition published 2016 (34,95 €)!


Medieval Oral Literature. Edited by Karl Reichl. De Gruyter Lexikon. Berlin, Boston: de Gruyter, 2011. 743 pp., 27 illustrations.

This book provides a comprehensive survey of medieval oral literature with chapters:

  • on theoretical questions of the interplay of orality and literacy in the Middle Ages,
  • on the application of the Oral Theory to medieval literature,
  • on questions of poetics and aesthetics,
  • on various oral/literary traditions from medieval Ireland to Russia, from Iceland to the Hispanic Peninsula, the Arabic world and medieval Turkey and Persia,
  • on different genres: lyric, epic, ballad, drama, and ritual poetry.
  • The book is written by an international group of scholars:
  • S. N. AZBELEV, Institut Russkoy Literatury Rossiyskoy Akademii Nauk, Pushkinskiy Dom, St. Petersburg
  • MARGARET BEISSINGER, Princeton University
  • KARIN BOKLUND-LAGOPOULOU, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • DOMINIQUE BOUTET, University of Paris, Sorbonne
  • THOMAS A. DUBOIS, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • JOHN MILES FOLEY, University of Missouri, Columbia
  • JOSEPH HARRIS, Harvard University
  • THOMAS HERZOG, University of Bern
  • ELIZABETH JEFFREYS, University of Oxford
  • ANNE L. KLINCK, University of New Brunswick, Canada
  • JAMES T. MONROE, University of California, Berkeley
  • RAFFAELE MORABITO, University of L’Aquila
  • JAN-DIRK MÜLLER, University of Munich
  • JOSEPH FALAKY NAGY, University of California, Los Angeles
  • KATHERINE O’BRIEN O’KEEFFE, University of California, Berkeley
  • THOMAS PETTITT, University of Southern Denmark, Odense
  • AD PUTTER, University of Bristol
  • KARL REICHL, University of Bonn
  • MICHAEL RICHTER, University of Konstanz
  • PANAGIOTIS ROILOS, Harvard University
  • JULIA RUBANOVICH, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  • LUCILLA SPETIA, University of L’Aquila
  • ROGER WRIGHT, University of Liverpool
  • ELI YASSIF, Tel-Aviv University
  • Table of Contents: 



1 Plotting the Map of Medieval Oral Literature (KARL REICHL)



2 Oral Theory and Medieval Literature (JOHN MILES FOLEY AND PETER RAMEY)

3 The Written Word in Context: The Early Middle Ages (MICHAEL RICHTER)

4 Orality and Literacy: The Case of Anglo-Saxon England (KATHERINE O’BRIEN O’KEEFFE)

5 Performance and Performers (JOSEPH HARRIS AND KARL REICHL)

6 Oral Poetics: The Linguistics and Stylistics of Orality (THOMAS A. DUBOIS)

7 Oral Literature, Ritual, and the Dialectics of Performance (PANAGIOTIS ROILOS)



8 Older Germanic Poetry (JOSEPH HARRIS)

9 Oral Tradition and Performance in Medieval Ireland (JOSEPH FALAKY NAGY)

10 Medieval German Literature: Literacy, Orality and Semi-Orality (JAN-DIRK MÜLLER)

11 Middle English Romances and the Oral Tradition (AD PUTTER)

12 The Chanson de geste


13 The Italian Cantari

between Orality and Writing (RAFFAELE MORABITO)

14 Court Poetry, Village Verse: Romanian Oral Epic in the Medieval World (MARGARET BEISSINGER)

15 Hispanic Epic and Ballad (ROGER WRIGHT)

16 The Late-Medieval Ballad (THOMAS PETTITT)

17 Medieval Greek Epic Poetry (ELIZABETH JEFFREYS)

18 The Song of Igor

and its Medieval Context in Russian Oral Poetry (S. N. AZBELEV)

19 Oral Traditions in a Literate Society: The Hebrew Literature of the Middle Ages (ELI YASSIF)

20 Woman’s Song in Medieval Western Europe (ANNE L. KLINCK)

21 Popular Song and the Middle English Lyric (KARIN BOKLUND-LAGOPOULOU)

22 The Pastourelle as an Oral Genre (LUCILLA SPETIA)

23 Andalusī-Arabic Strophic Poetry as an Example of Literary Hybridization: Ibn Quzmān’s ‘Zajal 147’ (The Poet’s Reluctant Repentance) (JAMES T. MONROE)

24 Orality and the Tradition of Arabic Epic Story-Telling (THOMAS HERZOG)

25 Orality in Medieval Persian Literature (JULIA RUBANOVICH)

26 Medieval Turkish Epic and Popular Narrative (KARL REICHL)

27 Dramatic Pastime, Custom and Entertainment (THOMAS PETTITT)