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PhD students

Completed PhD projects

Elena Baeva

Metareference as a Public Service, Performed by Contemporary Narrative Media

Chau Giang Bui

The Vietnamese Community in the United States and Germany - Changing Lives and Identities over the Course of Time (Marburg: Tectum, 2016)

Denise Burkhard

Exploited, Empowered, Ephemeral - (Re)Constructions of Childhood in Neo-Victorian Fiction

Dennis Geef

Late Capitalist Reality and its Fictitious Future(s): The Postmodern, Science Fiction, and the Contemporary Dystopia (Marburg: Tectum, 2015)

Sarah Jenischewski


Nina Liewald

Initiating a Dialogue Through 'the Global Community on your Bookshelf': Narrative Representations of 'Islamic Fundamentalism' in Selected Novels from the 1990s to the Present (Baden-Baden: Tectum, 2018)

Lea Maria Peters

'I Have Always Found Revenge to be the Purest of Motivations': Game of Thrones as a Contemporary Feminist Revenge Tragedy

Nadezda Rumjanceva

Roots in the Air: Construction of Identity in Anglophone Israeli Literature (Göttingen: V&R Unipress/Bonn University Press, 2015)

Anna Stephens

The Functions of Literature: A Diachronic Perspective on the British Novel on Terrorism from the Victorian Fin de Siècle to the Present

Kim Laura Weber

Raising Environmental Awareness via Literature: Perceptions of Nature and the City in Nineteenth-Century and Contemporary British Poetry


Current PhD projects

Susanne Dall

PhD project: Homosexuality in Neo-Victorian Literature. (working title)

Ivana Drmic

PhD project: Darstellungen des 'Balkan' im Film

Miriam Halfmann

PhD project: Observing the Observer: Representations of the Journalist in 20th-Century North American Fiction (working title).

Laura Hartmann

PhD project: Detecting Sherlock's Descendants: A Typology of British Fictional Private Detectives in Post-Holmesian Detective Fiction

Marie-Josefine Joisten

PhD project: Passion, Pain and Shame - Single Motherhood and its Reflexion in British Literature from Victorian to Contemporary Times

Victoria Milhan

PhD project: Rewriting Chaucer's Canterbury Tales: Late 20th-Century and 21st-Century Rewritings of a Medieval Classic

Franziska F. Rakebrandt

PhD project:: The Endurance of Dracula and his 'Children' over the Centuries

Svenja Renzel

PhD project: Underaged and Un-Dead: The Depiction of Vampiric Children and Teenagers in Contemporary Fiction (working title) 

Charlotte Schwager

PhD project: The Emancipation of Female Disney Characters (working title)


Simon Wahidi

PhD project: Apokalyptische und postapokalyptische Szenarien in der zeitgenössischen amerikanischen Literatur

Constanze Wessel

PhD project: Entertaining, Instructing, Moralising and Disillusioning: Images and Concepts of Parents and Parenting in British Novels from the Nineteenth Century