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I.                   Monographs








Contrastive Pragmatics and Translation. Evaluation, Epistemic Modality and Communicative Style in English and German. (Pragmatics and Beyond, New Series 261). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

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Ruskan, Anna. 2016. In Kalbotyra 69, 2016: 305-312.


The Progressive in Modern English. A Corpus-Based Study of Grammaticalization and Related Changes. (Language and Computers – Studies in Practical Linguistics 72). Amsterdam: Rodopi.

Besprochen von:            

De Wit, Astrid. 2012. In Linguistics 50 [1], 2012,: 153-160.

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II.                Edited volumes


Breban, Tine und Svenja Kranich (Hrsg.) What Happens after Grammaticalization? Secondary Grammaticalization and Other Late Stage Processes in Grammaticalization. Special Issue of Language Sciences. Amsterdam: Elsevier.


Kranich, Svenja, Viktor Becher, Steffen Höder und Juliane House (Hrsg.) Multilingual Discourse Production. Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.


III.             Articles


Kranich, Svenja.  The impact of input and output domains: Towards a function-based categorization of types of grammaticalization. Language Sciences. Special Issue What happens after grammaticalization? Secondary grammaticalization and other late stage processes in grammaticalization. (Eds. Tine Breban and Svenja Kranich)


Kranich, Svenja and Volker Gast. Explicitness of epistemic modal marking: Recent changes in British and American English. In Zamorano-Mansilla, Juan R., Carmen Maíz, Elena Domínguez und M. Victoria Martín de la Rosa (eds.), Thinking Modally: English and Contrastive Studies on Modality. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 3-22.


Kranich, Svenja. Translation as a locus of language contact. In House, Juliane (ed.), Translation. A Multidisciplinary Approach. London: Palgrave Macmillan.


Kranich, Svenja. Functional layering and the English progressive. Linguistics 51 [1], 1-32.


Kranich, Svenja and Andrea Bicsár. These forecasts may be substantially different from actual results. The use of epistemic modal markers in English and German original letters to shareholders and in English-German translations. Linguistik Online 55.

Kranich, Svenja, Juliane House and Viktor Becher. Changing conventions in English-German translations of popular scientific texts. In Braunmüller, Kurt und Christoph Gabriel (eds.), Multilingual Individuals and Multilingual Societies. (Hamburg Studies on Multilingualism 13). Amsterdam : Benjamins, 315-334.


Kranich, Svenja. To hedge or not to hedge. The use of epistemic modal expressions in popular science in English texts, English-German translations and German original texts. Text & Talk 31 [1]: 77-99.

Kranich, Svenja. L’emploi des expressions épistémiques dans des lettres aux actionnaires en France, aux États Unis et en Allemagne. Langage et Société 137: 115-134.

Kranich, Svenja, Viktor Becher and Steffen Höder. A tentative typology of translation-induced language change. In Kranich, Svenja, Viktor Becher, Steffen Höder und Juliane House (eds.), Multilingual Discourse Production. Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives. (Hamburg Studies on Multilingualism 12). Amsterdam: Benjamins, 11-44.

Becher, Viktor, Steffen Höder, Juliane House and Svenja Kranich. Introduction. In Kranich et al. (eds.), Multilingual Discourse Production. Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives. (Hamburg Studies on Multilingualism 12). Amsterdam: Benjamins, 1-8.


Kranich, Svenja. Grammaticalization, subjectification and objectification. In Stathi, Katerina, Elke Gehweiler and Ekkehard König (eds.), Grammaticalization: Current Views and Issues. (Studies in Language Companion Series). Amsterdam: Benjamins, 101–122.


Kranich, Svenja. Epistemic modality in English popular scientific articles and their German translations. trans-kom. Zeitschrift für Translationswissenschaft und Fachkommunikation 2 [1]: 26-41.

Kranich, Svenja. Interpretative progressives in Late Modern English. In Tieken-Boon van Ostade, Ingrid and Wim van der Wurff (eds.), Current Issues in Late Modern English. (Linguistic Insights. Studies in Language and Communication 77). Bern: Peter Lang, 331-357.

Becher, Viktor, Juliane House and Svenja Kranich. Convergence and divergence of communicative norms through language contact in translation. In Braunmüller, Kurt and Juliane House (eds.), Convergence and Divergence in Language Contact Situations. (Hamburg Studies on Multilingualism 8). Amsterdam: Benjamins, 125-151.


Kranich, Svenja. Subjective progressives in seventeenth and eighteenth century English. Secondary grammaticalization as a process of objectification. In Gotti, Maurizio, Marina Dossena and Richard Dury (eds.), English Historical Linguistics 2006. Vol. I Syntax and Morphology. (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 295). Amsterdam: Benjamins, 241-256.


Kranich, Svenja. Subjectification and the English progressive. The history of ALWAYS + progressive constructions. York Papers in Linguistics (Series 2) 8, 120-137.


Kranich, Svenja. Some problems connected with the analysis of gerunds with direct objects in Middle English. In Rudolf, Winfried, Thomas Honneger and Andrew James Johnston (eds.), Clerks, Wives and Historians. Essays on Medieval English Language and Literature. (Variations 8). Bern: Lang, 213-240.


Kranich, Svenja. The origin of English gerundial constructions - a case of French influence? In Johnston, Andrew James, Ferdinand von Mengden and Stefan Thim (eds.), Language and Text. Current Perspectives on English and Germanic Historical Linguistics and Philology. (Anglistische Forschungen 359). Heidelberg: Winter, 179-195.

IV.              Reviews


Kranich, Svenja. Review of Yaron Matras. 2009. Language Contact. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Languages in Contrast 11 [1]: 136-143.


Kranich, Svenja. Review of Ingrid Tieken-Boon-Van Ostade. 2009. An Introduction to Late Modern English. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Linguist List 21.2452.