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I.                   Invited talks


Kranich, Svenja. Changes in the modal system in recent English. Attempts to solve the mystery. Workshop Grammatical Variation and Change in English, University of Leuven, Belgium, 04-05 April 2017.

Kranich, Svenja. Pragmatic contrasts in translation. Visiting scholar at the University of Science and Technology, Beijing, March 2017.

Kranich, Svenja. Translation as source of language variation and change. Visiting scholar at the University of Science and Technology, Beijing, March 2017.

Kranich, Svenja. What translation and parallel corpora can tell us. Visiting scholar at the University of Science and Technology, Beijing, March 2017.


Kranich, Svenja. Epistemic modality in English and German: Systemic and pragmatic contrasts and their consequences for translation. 18.02.2015, University of Liverpool

Kranich, Svenja. The mystery of the modals in recent English. 17.02.2015, University of Manchester


Kranich, Svenja. Intercultural contact through translation. “Shining through” of pragmatic and stylistic features. SoMu Symposium, JGU Mainz, 15.-16.05.2014


Kranich, Svenja and Viktor Becher. Translation as language contact: Language variation and change through translation. Plenary at the Symposium Language contacts at the crossroads of disciplines, University of Joensuu, 28.02.-01.03.2013.


Kranich, Svenja. Wie evidentiell sind die englischen Modalverben? Linguistisches Kolloquium, Universität Würzburg, 24.4.2012.


Kranich, Svenja. Evidentielle Ausdrücke als Übersetzungen epistemischer Ausdrücke. Eine Korpusanalyse populärwissenschaftlicher Übersetzungen aus dem Englischen. Workshop Modalität und Evidentialität, Hannover, 31.05.-02.06.2010.


Kranich, Svenja. Interkulturelle Kommunikation in der Übersetzung. Gastvortrag im Rahmen der Ringvorlesung Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Zentrum Sprachenvielfalt und Mehrsprachigkeit, Universität zu Köln, 27.10.2008.

Kranich, Svenja. Grammaticalization and subjectification in the development of the progressive: evidence from ARCHER-2. Symposium Corpora and the history of English: ARCHER 3 and beyond, FRIAS, Freiburg, 12.12.2008.

II.                Conference papers









Kranich, Svenja & Qiurong Zhao. Language contact through translation: The impact of historical and socio-cultural factors. HiSon Conference (Historical Sociolinguistics and Socio-Cultural Change), Helsinki, 10.-11.03.2016.

Zhao, Qiurong & Svenja Kranich. Translation-induced language variation and change: A case study of the impact of English-Chinese translations on the use of the Chinese Preposition Zai. 8thInternational Conference on Corpus Linguistics, Malaga, 02.-04.03.2016.

Kranich, Svenja & Sarina Schramm. Changes in communicative style in recent German: More interactional, less direct. 14. IPra (International Pragmatics Association), Antwerpen, 26.-31.07.2015.


Kranich, Svenja. Recent changes in epistemic modal marking in written English. 3. ISLE (International Society of the Linguistics of English), Zürich, 24.-27.08.2014.

Kranich, Svenja. The modals in recent English. A closer look at may and must. Work-in-progress-report auf der ICAME  35, Nottingham, 30.04.-04.05.2014.


Kranich, Svenja. Types of meaning change in secondary grammaticalization and other later stages of grammaticalization. Workshop Secondary Grammaticalization and other late stage processes of grammaticalization. ICHL 21, Oslo, 05.-09.08.2013.

Breban, Tine & Svenja Kranich. Secondary Grammaticalization and other late stage processes of grammaticalization. Introduction to the workshop. ICHL 21, Oslo, 05.-09.08.2013.


Kranich, Svenja und Victorina González Díaz. Translating evaluation. A corpus-based study of business communication. ICAME 33: Corpora at the centre and crossroads of English linguistics, Leuven, 30.05.-03.06.2012.


Becher, Viktor, Juliane House und Svenja Kranich. How translations from English shape the genre of popular scientific writing in German. Workshop Language Contact through Written Discourse auf der MIMS (Multilingual Individuals and Multilingual Societies), SFB Mehrsprachigkeit, Hamburg, 06.-08.10.2010.

Kranich, Svenja und Volker Gast. Explicitness of epistemic marking: Recent changes in British and American English. Modality in English IV, 08.09.-11.09.2010, Madrid.

Kranich, Svenja. I feel I am understanding it more now. A web-based study of stative verbs in the progressive in present-day English. 16. ICEHL (International Conference on English Historical Linguistics), Pécs, Ungarn, 23.-27.08.2010.

Kranich, Svenja und Victorina Gonzalez Díaz. Good, great or remarkable? Evaluation in English, German and Spanish letters to shareholders. New Challenges for Multilingualism in Europe, Dubrovnik, 11.-15.04.2010.


Biscár, Andrea und Svenja Kranich. These forecasts may be substantially different from actual results. The use of epistemic modal markers in letters to shareholders in English compared to their German translations and original German letters to shareholders. Workshop Multilingual Discourse Production, SFB Mehrsprachigkeit, Hamburg, 06.-07.11.2009.

Becher, Viktor, Steffen Höder und Svenja Kranich. A tentative typology of translation-induced language change. Workshop Multilingual Discourse Production, SFB Mehrsprachigkeit, Hamburg, 06.-07.11.2009.

Kranich, Svenja. Translations as locus of language change: Establishing general tendencies and principles. ICHL 19 (International Conference on Historical Linguistics), Nijmegen, 10.-15.08.2009.

Kranich, Svenja. Epistemic modality between marker of true uncertainty and politeness strategy. Evidence from English and German popular scientific writing. 11. IPra (International Pragmatics Association), Melbourne, 12.-17.07.2009.

Kranich, Svenja. Textlinguistic methods in contrastive corpus studies. The use of epistemic modal marking in English and German texts. Work-in-progress-report auf der ICAME 30, Lancaster, 27.-31.05.2009.


Kranich, Svenja. The use of the English progressive – what’s new? Posterpräsentation auf der 1. ISLE (International Society of the Linguistics of English), Freiburg, 08.-11.10.2008.

Kranich, Svenja. The origin of the English progressive. 15.ICEHL (International Conference on English Historical Linguistics), München, 25.-29.08.2008.

Kranich, Svenja. Grammaticalization, subjectification and the layering of meaning. How to deal with the semantics of the present-day English progressive. NRG (New Reflections on Grammaticalization) 4, Leuven, 16.-19.07.2008.

Kranich, Svenja. Application of the cultural filter in German covert translations of English popular scientific texts. Evidence from the use of epistemic modal markers. Satellite Symposium Native and non-native mediated discourse and the changing English language auf der Konferenz GlobEng (Global English), Verona, 14.-16.02.2008.


Kranich, Svenja. Interpretative progressives in Late Modern English. 3. Late Modern English Conference, Leiden, 30.08.-01.09.2007.

Kranich, Svenja. The grammaticalization of the progressive function in Modern English: evidence from ARCHER-2.  ICAME 28, Stratford-upon-Avon, 23.-27.05.2007.

Kranich, Svenja. Grammaticalization, subjectification and ‘objectification’. Workshop What’s new in grammaticalization?, Freie Universität Berlin, 11.-12.05.2007.


Kranich, Svenja. Subjective progressives in seventeenth and eighteenth century English. Subjectification and ‘objectification’ as evidenced in a (secondary) grammaticalization process. 14. ICEHL (International Conference on the History of the English Language), Bergamo, 21.-25.08.2006.

Kranich, Svenja. Subjectification and the English progressive. The history of ALWAYS + progressive constructions. SHES (Symposium on the History of English Syntax), York, 20.-21.05.2006.

III.             Organized workshops


Workshop Secondary Grammaticalization and Other Later Stage Processes in Grammaticalization at ICHL XXI (International Conference on Historical Linguistics), Oslo, 05.-09.08.2013. (with Tine Breban)


Workshop Language Contact through Written Discourse. Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives at MIMS (Multilingual Individuals and Multilingual Societies) Research Centre on Multilingualism, Hamburg, 06.-08.10.2010. (with Silvia Hansen-Schirra and Viktor Becher)


Multilingual Discourse Production, Internationaler Workshop Research Centre on Multilingualism, Hamburg, 06.-07.11.2009. (with Viktor Becher, Steffen Höder and Juliane House)

Subjectivity in Discourse. Panel at 11th IPra (International Pragmatics Association), Melbourne, 12-17.07.2009. (with Nicole Baumgarten and Inke Du Bois)