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AOR Dr. Silke Meyer

Senior Lecturer/Akademische Oberrätin, Fachstudienberaterin des Instituts für die Lehramtsstudierenden, Ansprechpartnerin in Fällen sexuellen Mißbrauchs /Übergriffen innerhalb der Philosophischen Fakultät


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Room 2-027

Rabinstraße 8, IAAK, 53111 Bonn

Email: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]

Office Hours:

Please contact me via e-mail. 



TERM PAPER, PORTFOLIOS, STUDIENLEISTUNGEN: Please send all of these as pdf documents to my mail adress as I am ususally reading the digital versions. Please send an additional printed version to my departmental adress for the archive.

BA AND MA THESES: Please send your thesis to the respective Prüfungsamt, not to me! Please: for further info check their website.

BA COLLOQUIUM: I am not teaching a colloquium at the moment - but you can also join someone else's colloquium and still write your thesis with me though! Please just contact me via email or in class in case you're thinking about me as your possible first adviser and we will sort things out. You will find my research interests and former teaching topics below.



TERM PAPERS AND PORTFOLIOS: I am NOT signing the registration sheets in advance. Please just add them to your term paper. Please send me a a short abstract, preliminary title, research question / hypotheses, table of contents and a bibliography before you actually start writing via email! Page numbers are as follows: issues term paper 10-12 pages (at least 10 titles of secondary literature), third year: 15-17 pages (at least 15 titles of secondary literature) and master: 20 pages at least (with at least 20 titles secondary literature)!

ACCREDITATIONS AND APPLICATIONS FOR THE TEACHING DEGREE: please send me your transcripts as pdfs and I will send you your accreditation back via email. Please: for further information contact the BZL Uni Bonn and generally check their website which is full of useful information, make an appointment there and check your general situation regarding your application with them.



  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Feminism
  • Gender and  Queer Studies
  • Pop Culture


  • for the Gender Studies Prize, University of Bonn in 2022


  • Martin Lehnert Preis für Wissenschaftlichen Nachwuchs, verliehen von der Deutschen Shakespeare-Gesellschaft, für die Magisterarbeit mit dem Titel "'Deutschland ist Hamlet': Zur wissenschaftlichen Shakespeare-Rezeption in der DDR" (Award for excellence in young academic research from the German Shakespeare-Society)
  • Lehrpreis der Philosophischen Fakultät der Universität Bonn im Akademischen Jahr 2013/14 für "außerordentliche Verdienste und vorbildliches Engagement" in der Lehre (Award for excellence in teaching from Bonn University)