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Past Courses/ Teaching Experience

Past Courses/ Teaching Experience


Early Modern Studies

  • Shakespeare and War (MA Module: SS 2016)

  • Shakespeare and the Renaissance (MA Teaching Degree: SS 2016)

  • Mapping the Romances: Myths and Fairy Tales (MA Module: WS 2015-16)

  • Shakespeare's Bastards (BA advanced Module: WS 2014-15)

  • "the king is dead, long live...?" Power and Propaganda in Shakespeare (BA Issues: SS 2014)

  • Eros & Thanatos in English Renaissance Drama (BA advanced module: WS 2013/2014)

  • Shakespeare. Law and History (MA Seminar: SS 2013)

  • Retribution and Revenge in the English Renaissance (MA Seminar: WS 2012/2013)

  • Shakespeare Adaptations in Film and Literature (BA advanced module: WS 2012/2013)

  • Drama, Theatre, Film. Authority, Authenticity, Adaptations (BA Optional: SS 2011)
  • Transgression and Subversion of Power (MA Advanced Module: WS 2010/2011)

  • British and Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures: Mystery, Myth, and Magic (BA V: SS 2010)

  • Playing Politics: "Danger never dreamt of - that is the danger" (BA V2: WS 2009/2010)

  • Dramentheorie (Drama theory from the beginnings until today) (BA: WS 2008/2009, joint teaching)

  • Knights, Noblemen and Ladies in Distress: Heroes and Chivalry in all Ages and Genres (Wiss. Übung: WS 2008/2009)

  • Lektürekurs Renaissance (Wiss. Übung: SS 2008)

  • Revenge in English Renaissance Tragedy (Proseminar: WS 2006/2007)

  • Väter und Töchter im Drama der Shakespearezeit (Proseminar: SS 2005)



  • "For nothing was simply one thing". To the Lighthouse. Theory and Text (BA advanced module: WS 2015/2016)

  • Modernism. Emotion. Subjectivity. (MA Module: SS 2015)

  • Modernism (BA advanced module: WS 2013/2014)

  • Virginia Woolf. Time, Space & Memory (BA Issues: SS 2012)

  • British Literatures and Cultures: The Sea (BA V: SS 2011)
  • Modern Histories (Proseminar: SS 2007)

  • Bloomsbury (Proseminar: SS 2006)


Cultural Studies Modules & Field Trips

  • Scottish Literature & Field Trip to Edinburgh (BA Optional module: SS 2015)

  • Exploring British Cultural History: Yorkshire Field Trip to Yorkshire (June 2014; MA research module: SS 2014)

  • 'From Page to Stage' & Field Trip to Stratford-upon-Avon (MA module: SS 2010. 2011, 2012; Organisation Field Trip: SS 2009 - SS 2013)
  • "Slow let us trace the matchless vale of the Thames" - Topography in Literature (MA Advanced Module: SS 2010)
  • Field Trip to London (May 2010)
  • London in Literature (Proseminar: WS 2007/2008)

  • Schottische Literatur- und Kulturgeschichte (Proseminar: WS 2005/2006)


Further Teaching

  • Rhine Romanticism  (BA Advanced Module: WS 2016/17)

  • A Taste of Scottish and Irish Literature from Romanticism to Postmodernism (MA Module: WS 2016/17)

  • BA thesis colloquium (SS 2013)

  • Der Roman vom 18. bis 20. Jahrhundert (BA module: WS 2008/2009, joint teaching)

  • Doctors and Churchmen in Literature (BA seminar: WS 2011/2012)


Introductory modules

  • Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies (WS 2010/2011; WS 2011/2012)
  • Englische Literaturen und Kulturen (SS 2009)
  • Grundkurs: Einführung in die Literaturwissenschaft (SS 2006)