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Dr. Stefanie Pohle

Research Assistant (Bonn Applied English Linguistics)


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E-mail (preferred method of contact): 

Genscherallee 3, 53113 Bonn, phone +49-228-4959  (3rd floor, room 3.017) 

Regina-Pacis-Weg 5, 53113 Bonn, phone +49-228-7593  (2nd floor, room 2.005)

Office hours

During term: Wednesday 12:00-13:00; please send an e-mail.

I also offer a virtual office hour via Adobe Connect. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a headset. Please contact me for further details.

Academic interests 

  • Writing research and pedagogy (digital tools in the writing process, reflective writing, intertextual competence, plagiarism prevention)
  • Research methodology
  • Research and knowledge management
  • Pragmatics
  • Discourse analysis
  • Business communication (especially negotiations)

Short CV

Academic career

Nov. 2015-Feb. 2017 - E-Teaching Certificate, professional development programme, University of Bonn. Final teaching project: "LAnguage MAtters! - Writing a science blog for teenagers". For coverage in print/online media: click here.

Since Oct. 2015 - Research Assistant, Bonn Applied English Linguistics, IAAK, University of Bonn

Since April 2015 - Training in Writing Consultancy, professional development programme, PH Freiburg (Dr. Gerd Bräuer)

Since Dec. 2014 - NRW-Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning, professional development programme

April 2013-March 2015 - Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben, IAAK, University of Bonn

2009 - Ph.D. in Applied English Linguistics (Promotion), University of Bonn – title of dissertation: "'I tell you what we could do, we could say, cut it to a hundred and ninety-five, and offer you a significant discount on breakfast' – Expressing Commitment in Business Discourse: An Empirical Analysis of Offers in Irish English Negotiations" (link)

2004 - Research stay in Ireland (DAAD scholarship)

2003 - Research Assistant (WHK), Chair of Constitutional, Social and Economic History (Prof. Dr. G. Schulz), University of Bonn

2003 - M.A. in English Linguistics (major), Constitutional, Social and Economic History (minor), Educational Science (minor), University of Bonn

2000-2003 - Student Assistant (SHK), Chair of Applied English Linguistics (Prof. Dr. K. P. Schneider), University of Bonn

1998-1999 - Student of English and History and tutor at the Department of Germanic Studies, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland (DAAD scholarship)

Professional career outside university

2011-2013 Education Manager in an international, non-profit sports organisation

2003-2011 Information & Records Assistant/Manager in an international, non-profit sports organisation 

Presentations, talks & workshops (since 2014)



  • "LaMa reloaded: A new generation of MA Applied Linguistics bloggers and a revised project concept". Presentation at the BAEL Research Day, Bonn, December 2017.

  • "'A great experience!' - Collaborative blogging in an M.A. Applied Linguistics programme". Presentation at the German-French Round Table ‘Collaborative writing and commentary in digital environments: An e-learning perspective’, University of Duisburg-Essen, December 2017.

  • "Vom Lesen bis zum Schreiben: eine gute (Fach-) Lehre gegen studentische Plagiate". Higher Education Teaching and Learning Workshop, Bonner Zentrum für Hochschullehre (BZH), University of Bonn, November 2017. (with Ansgar Schäfer)

  • "Who am I, who should I be? – Three perspectives on peer tutoring in writing: Student, teaching assistant, teacher ". Presentation at the 10th Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing. Conference theme: 'Out of Character? Enough is Enough: (Conflicts of) Role in Peer Tutoring', Köln, September/October 2017. (with Sarah Lapacz and Inken Mays)

  • "Nutzung von Weblogs in der (Fach-)Lehre". Workshop at the conference of the Writing Centre of the University of Bochum on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Bochum, September 2017.

  • "Wissenschaftliches Schreiben und digitale Medien in der Lehre". Session at the '' conference, Learning Lab of the University of Duisburg-Essen, September 2017. (with Daniel Spielmann)

  • "Einsatz von eLearning-Tools bei Schreibaufgaben in der Lehre". Presentation at eCampus Café, University of Bonn, June 2017.

  • "A linguistic science blog for teenage EFL learners? Using Web 2.0 in the English classroom". Workshop in the Master of Education course 'Language attitudes and motivation in language learning' (Dr. Susanne Mohr), University of Bonn, June 2017.

  • "Why the study of LAnguage MAtters in school – ein Wissenschaftsblog bringt Schüler*innen und Studierende zusammen". Presentation at Dies Academicus of the University of Bonn, May 2017. (with Timo Brede, Hanna Bruns, Pawel Sickinger)

  • "Plagiat? Nein danke! – Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis durch gute Lehre: Ein hochschuldidaktisches Fortbildungsangebot zur Kompetenzbildung". Workshop at the 46. dghd-Jahrestagung, Cologne, March 2017. (with Ansgar Schäfer)

  • "Academic writing beyond the term paper: Harvesting an e-teaching project for research purposes". Presentation at the BAEL Research Day, Bonn, March 2017.


  • "Drowning in the 'sea of texts'? – Wie Übungen zur Intertextualität beim wissenschaftlichen Schreiben in der Fremdsprache in Fachseminare eingebettet werden können". World Café presentation at the "6. internationalen Kongress des Forums wissenschaftliches Schreiben: text | text | text – Zitat, Referenz, Plagiat und andere Formen der Intertextualität", Konstanz, June 2016.

  • "Teaching and researching intertextuality in academic texts by German writers of English: A project update". Presentation at the BAEL Research Day, Bonn, May 2016.

  • "Copy, Paste & Co: Was ist ein Plagiat und wie kann ich es vermeiden?". Workshop at the event "Lange Nacht des Schreibens" of the University of Bonn, March 2016.


  • "'Something to do with intertextuality, plagiarism and academic writing skills' - On the way to defining a topic for a post-doc research project". Presentation at the BAEL Research Day, Bonn, December 2015.

  • "Teaching academic writing at a German university – the role of students' information and computer literacy: A field report". Presentation at the "Academic Communication in Multimedia Environment Conference", Sofia/Bulgaria, September 2015.

  • "Writing research and education in academic contexts". Workshop at the "Fourth Bonn Applied English Linguistics Conference (BAELc4)", University of Bonn, June 2015. (with Esther Breuer)


  • "E-mail communication in business and academia: What applied linguists can do with it". Invited talk at the Dublin Institute of Technology (Master in International Business), Dublin/Ireland, February 2014.

  • "Business negotiations: A linguistic perspective". Invited talk at the Dublin Institute of Technology (Discourse Analysis Group), Dublin/Ireland, February 2014.

Earlier talks and publications: See

Publications (since 2017)

(angenommen) Was, wie und wozu? Eine Annäherung an die Textsorte 'Exposé'. In: Wymann, Christian (ed.), Wissenschaftliches Lesen und Schreiben vermitteln. Eine didaktische Handreichung für SchreibberaterInnen und Lehrende. Opladen/Toronto: Barbara Budrich.

(angenommen) Language Matters! – Bloggen als digitale Schreiberfahrung für Studierende. In: Journal der Schreibberatung 15 (Schwerpunktthema: Digitales Schreiben - Schreiben in digitalen Umgebungen).

SIG Freiberuflichkeit/Vielfalt der Gesellschaft für Schreibdidaktik und Schreibforschung (2017): Labor für neue Schreiblösungen. Dokumentation des Workshops vom 17. und 18.3.2017, 28 pp. Available online at (Mitwirkung)

Memberships & Networks

  • European Association for the Teaching of Academic Writing (EATAW)

  • Gesellschaft für Schreibdidaktik und Schreibforschung e.V. (gefsus)

  • Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education (ACMHE)

  • Externe Expertin für Schreib- und Hochschuldidaktik im Projekt "Plagiatsprävention – Refairenz"

  • Scientific Advisor in the Bulgarian-German Alexander von Humboldt-foundation projet "Text Plagiarism in the Social Sciences vis-à-vis Ethical Aspects and Common Practices" (Prof. Dr. Klaus Peter Schneider und Prof. Irena Vassileva)

  • Teaching

    Winter Semester 2017/18

    • MA Übung: "Applied Linguistics: An Overview"

    Summer Semester 2017

    • MA Module (Seminar + Übung): "From finding a research question to writing up a paper: The research process in Applied Linguistics"

Winter Semester 2016/17

    • MA Übung: "Applied Linguistics: An Overview"

    Summer Semester 2016

    • MA Übung: "The why and how: Methods in Applied Linguistics"

    Winter Semester 2015/16

    • BA Übung: "Corpus and other research methods in linguistics"

    Summer Semester 2015

    • BA (Optionalbereich): "'Ooops! I did it again' - Avoiding plagiarism and other common pitfalls in the academic writing process"

    Winter Semester 2014/2015

    • MA Module (Seminar + Übung): "The Empirical Research Process"
    • BA Übung: "Of data collection, transcription and statistics: Methods and theories in language and society"

    Summer Semester 2014

    • BA Übung: "Discourse Analysis"
    • BA Issues Course: "Saying something nice – researching compliments and related speech acts"

    Winter Semester 2013/2014 

    • MA Übung: "Applied Linguistics: An Overview"
    • MA Module (Seminar + Übung): "Research Methods"

    Summer Semester 2013 

    • BA Übung: "Language Use in Interaction"
    • BA Issues Course: "Speech Act Analysis"