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Dr. Rebecca Hardie

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Research Interests

My current research project examines sisters in early medieval England (650-1200) as part of the SFB 1167 sub-project "Feminine Charisma. Figurations of Macht and Herrschaft in England and France (700–1500)" led by Prof. Irina Dumitrescu.

I am also completing work on my first book project on Divine Conversation in Early Medieval English Literature, with a particular focus on the sermons and poetry of the late tenth-century manuscript ‘The Vercelli Book.’

My research interests include gender and power, the medieval family, Old English sermons and homilies, and translation studies.



PhD. English, King’s College London (2017)

M St. English (650-1550), University of Oxford (2012)

B.A. Hons English Literature and Language, King’s College London (2010)


Professional Experience

Post-doctoral researcher, University of Bonn in SFB 1167: Macht und Herrschaft – Vormoderne Konfigurationen in transkultureller Perspektive (current)

Stipendiary Lecturer Medieval English Literature and Language, University of Göttingen (2016-2018)

Faith Centre Coordinator on programmes of Faith and Leadership, Interfaith Dialogue and Conflict Resolution, London School of Economics and Political Science (2015-2016)

Teaching Fellow English Literature, King’s College London (2013-2015)



I have taught on various aspects of Old English and Middle English Literature and Historical Linguistics. I have also supervised undergraduate and graduate student dissertations on a range of topics in the field. A selection of taught course titles:

The Medieval Family’ (M.A.)

Self-Formation in Medieval Literature and Culture (B.A.)

Pain and Pleasure in Medieval Literature and Culture (B.A.)

Preaching and Teaching in Anglo-Saxon England (B.A.)

Translating Old English Poetry from Past to Present (B.A.)

Introduction to Historical Linguistics (B.A.)




Divine Conversation in Early Medieval English Literature. Manuscript in Progress.  

Edited Collections

Æthelflæd Lady of the Mercians and Women in the Tenth Century, ed. by Rebecca Hardie (Michigan Institute Press, forthcoming).

Relations of Power: Women’s Networks in the Middle Ages, ed. By Rebecca Hardie, Emma O’Loughlin Bérat, Irina Dumitrescu (Bonn University Press, forthcoming)

‘Women in Vercelli VII’, in Anglo-Saxon Women: A Florilegium, ed. by Emily Butler, Irina Dumitrescu and Hilary E. Fox. (forthcoming)

‘Words, Wealth and Women in Two Anonymous Old English Homilies’, in Textualität von Macht und Herrschaft: Literarische Verfahren im Horizont transkultureller Forschungen, ed. by Mechthild Albert et al. (Bonn University Press, forthcoming)

Journal Articles

‘Male and Female Devotion in Three Texts of the Vercelli Book: Vercelli VII, XVII and Elene’, English Studies 100 (2019): 1-18.

with Fran Allfrey, Francesca Brooks, Joshua Davies, Carl Kears, Clare Lees, Kathryn Maude, James Paz, Hana Videen and Victoria Walker, ‘New Ways to Know the Medieval: Creativity, Pedagogy & Public Engagement’, Old English Newsletter, 46 (2016)


The Complete Old English Poems: Translated by Craig Williamson. Anglia 136 (2018): 200-204.

Preaching Apocrypha in Anglo-Saxon England by Brandon W. Hawk. Anglia 137 (2019): 485-488.


Grants and Awards

AHRC Full Scholarship for Postdoctoral Research (2012-2015)

Faculty of Arts and Humanities Research Grant for £1,100 King’s College London for conference presentations at Leeds IMC (2015 and 2016) and the International Congress of Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo (2015).