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Writing Competition

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Initiated by David Moroney, Cleopatra Goularas, and Marthe-Siobhán Hecke in 2020, the Department of English, American and Celtic Studies will organise a Writing Competition every semester. The winning pieces and announcements regarding the next Writing Competition can be found here.

Summer Term 2021 Winners

Once again, David and Marthe were blown away by all the brilliant poems and short stories we have received! Well done everyone, we had a really hard time choosing our winners!

The award ceremoney will take place on August 6, 4pm via Zoom: Award Ceremoney Flyer

Our judges were Sarah Fißmer, Natalie Hungate, and Imke Lichterfeld. Thank you so much!

You can also read the winning pieces (and brilliant honorary mentions) here:


Short Stories:
1. Nightmare by Lisa Jana Melchert-Metzger
2. The Bookstore by Megan Plum
3. A Day in the Life by Marija Karacic

4th place
Sweet Nothin’ by Mayu Uno
Feral Desires by Szymon Marcinkowski


Honorary Mentions (Short Story):

Awake at Night by Isa Mollen
The only real conquistador by Leon Ruppert
No Worries by Hannah Grzonka
Upside Down by Janne Stobäus

1. Want by Annika Walter
2. the day i finally liked myself by Anna Giering
3. Look At Me by Mel Black

4th place
Facing Granny by Alexandra Herbst
Sentiments from not just a pandemic by Julia Mizerski
summer night by Nin Reckermann

Honorary Mentions (Poetry):

What makes me a woman by Anna-Christina Berger
The Company by Sonja Evers
struggle by Dust by Ind Winkelmann
my body calls me names by Zoé Bellussi


The Writing Competition will continue, stay tuned and watch this space! Something interesting this way comes...;-)

Winter Term 2020 Winners

We received more than 50 entries for this semester's writing competition -- AMAZING!! The winning pieces will be uploaded here and we have to tell you: it was a very hard choice and we have five poetry winners instead of just three. Our judges were Sarah Fissmer, Marion Gymnich, Natalie Hungate, Imke Lichterfeld, Max Stottrop, and the initiators. Thank you so much!

You can hear all the winning pieces on January 15, 2021, via Zoom: Award Ceremony


Short Stories:
1. The Voiceless (Michèle Ciba)
2. This Year (Stefanie Tegeler)
3. Stranded God (Ramon Schmitz)

1. Let's Talk About it (Jasper Kaufhold)
1. Travelling with a gypsy (Sia Rafaela Tsinafournioti)
2. If Life Was a Sweater (Clara Ernst)
3. Fleeting (Runa Rene)
3. Beautiful Brain (Julia Mizerski)


Honorary Mentions:

Solo (Carla García Clar)
Mud (Katharina Dobecki)
Dried Paint (Diba Gharib)
Tiles (Magdalena Elisabeth Schmidt)
My Fall in Spring (Hanna Schaefer and Bruno Kaut)


(And pssst, we are already planning another writing competition. Stay tuned!)


Summer Term 2020 Winners

During the Summer Term 2020 Writing Competition, we received 30 short stories and 15 poems -- due to the amount of brilliant pieces, we decided to have three poetry winners and five short story winners. The stories can be read here. We would also like to thank every single participant: your poem or short story was also great and we would love you to hand in something next time!


Short Stories:
1. - Closed Doors (Carla Große-Kreul)
2. - The Lives We Haven’t Lived (Gabriel Haase)
3. - The Special Day (Marie Kerschek)
3. - Familiar (Szymon Marcinkowski)
3. - Alien (Jasper Kaufhold)

- This is a Poem (Julia Mizerski)
- The song of their burning names (Paula Rosenthal)
- Writing Competition (Alessia Fiorello)


Thank you again for your participation!