International Conference, University of Bonn, 5-7 November 2010

Friday 14.00 – 14.30 Welcome

Barbara Schmidt-Haberkamp (Bonn)

Susanne Schmid (Bochum/Berlin)

Friday 14.30 – 15.15 Keynote

Brian Cowan (Montreal): "Café or Coffeehouse? Transnational Histories of Coffee and Sociability"

Friday 15.45 – 18.00 Ritual and Material Culture

Karen Harvey (Sheffield): "Politics by Design: Consumption, Identity and Allegiance"

Hans-Peter Wagner (Koblenz-Landau): "Hogarth's Representation of Drinking and Drunkenness"

Caroline Rosenthal (Jena): "Measuring Life in Tea Spoons: Tea and Domesticity in the Sentimental Novel"

Saturday 9.45 – 12.00 Institutions and Social Class

Fritz-Wilhelm Neumann (Erfurt): "Claret at a Premium: Bordeaux Wines in London during the French Wars and After"

Susanne Schmid (Berlin): "Eighteenth-Century Travellers and the Roadside Inn"

John Carter Wood (Milton Keynes): "Drinking, Fighting and Working-Class Sociability in Nineteenth-Century England"

Saturday 14.00 – 15.30 Temperance and the Misery of Alcohol

Rolf Lessenich (Bonn): "Pre-Romantic Radicalism, Abolitionism, and the Temperance Movement"

Gunther Hirschfelder (Bonn): "The Myth of 'Misery Alcoholism' in Early Industrial England: The Example of Manchester"

Saturday 16.00 - 18.15 Intoxication and Therapy

Anja Müller-Wood (Mainz): "George Gissing's Aesthetics of Alcohol in The Nether World and The Odd Women"

Norbert Lennartz (Würzburg): "Legends of Infernal Drinkers: Representations of Alcohol in Thomas Hardy and Nineteenth-Century British Fiction"

Jonathan Reinarz (Birmingham): "The Spirit of Medicine: The Use of Alcohol in Nineteenth-Century Medical Practice"

Sunday 9.45 – 12.00 Case Studies: Rum, Cocoa, Magical Potions

Eva-Sabine Zehelein (Bonn): "Rumbullion, the Gaspee, and Rebellion: Rum, Race, Mercantilism, and the American Revolution"

Monica Elbert (Montclair State University, New Jersey): "A Beverage for the Masses: The Proletarization of Cocoa in American Naturalist Fiction"

Elmar Schenkel (Leipzig): "Magical Potions in Nineteenth-Century Literature"