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Past Events (2011)

Diasporic Indian Cinema. Guest Lecture by Prof. Nilufer Bharucha (University of Mumbai). Jan. 11, 2011
Female Ghosts and the Practice of Criticism. Guest Lecture by Catherine Belsey (University of Swansea). Jan. 20, 2011
Armed Self-Defense and the Civil Rights Movement. MLK Guest Lecture by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Simone Wendt (University of Frankfurt). Jan. 20
Guest Lecture by Prof. Dr. Barbara Hedderich: “Homo Oeconomicus – Streifzug durch die Geschichte eines Entscheidungsmodells”. April 27
"Zur Fokussierung des Finitums im Deutschen". Guest Lecture by Dr. Manuela Moroni. May 3
North American Studies Lecture Series: “Woolworth to Wal-Mart: Mass Merchandising and the Changing American Culture of Consumption”. May 4
"Intercultural competence in the workplace" - Guest lecture by Janet Holmes, May 16
“New Thoughts on an Old Occupation Zone: The Aesthetics of Propaganda, Race, and Fraternization on the Rhine, 1918-1923”. Guest Lecture by Vera Grant (Harvard University). May 17
"Alternative Systems of Knowledge." Guest Lecture by Avadesh Kumar Singh. May 24
"David Hume zum 300. Geburtstag". BGECS Symposium on the occasion of the Dies Academicus. May 25
“Buying Into Empire: American Consumption at the Turn of the Twentieth Century”. Guest Lecture by Kristin Hoganson. June 6
"The Japanese-style Garden in the British Isles - the history of how a garden style has travelled abroad." Lecture of the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft byJill Raggett. June 20
"Norm und Form - Zu kommunikativen Praktiken in studentischen Emails". Guest Lecture by Dr. Jan Seifert. June 20
"These are such awesome cups!" - Analyzing positive evaluation and compliments concerning the variable 'age'. BAEL lecture by Susanne Strubel-Burgdorf, M.A. June 27
“Days Without Paul Robeson: Spirituals, Solidarity, and the East German Archive”. Guest Lecture by Dr. Todd Carmody. June 28
“Wars on Bugs: Cold War Ecology in the Works of Robert Heinlein, William S. Burroughs, and Rachel Carson”. Guest Lecture by Dr. Hannes Bergthaller. July 5
Celtic Studies Guest Lecture by Dr. Brian Ó Catháin: "Franz Nikolaus Finck: ein Pionier im Bereich der Dialektologie des Neuirischen". July 14
North American Studies Symposium: "9/11 - Ten Years After, Looking Ahead". September 8 - September 11
"Umbruch und Kontinuität im 18. Jahrhundert". 2nd Annual BGECS Conference. October 4
Columbus Day Lecture: “Diversity and Pluralism as Key Goals of U.S. Foreign Policy” by Janice G. Weiner (U.S. Consul General, Düsseldorf). Nov. 8
"Stepping Across Lines in Time and Space: The Literatures of the Indian Diaspora." Guest Lecture by Prof. Nilufer Bharucha. Nov. 8