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North American Studies Symposium: "9/11 - Ten Years After, Looking Ahead". September 8 - September 11

"9|11 - Ten Years After, Looking Ahead."


The North American Studies Program at the University of Bonn cordially organised a three-day transdisciplinary symposium, "9|11 - Ten Years After, Looking Ahead,” taking place from 8 to 11 September 2011 at the Universitätsclub Bonn. The discussions pondered the degree to which "9|11," the widely accepted code for a supposed historical turning point, has effected political and social transformations, and whether it has made us think differently about a whole array of socioeconomic and cultural processes and practices. Taking 9|11 as a point of departure, we nonetheless resisted relegating the continuities between pre- and post-9|11 cultures to the periphery of our attention. Instead of commemorating the terrorist attacks, we asked how the insistent public focus on 9/11 and the “war on terror” has tended to marginalize other economic, ecological, and political effects of globalization. Our debates thus aimed to “look ahead” and reappraise the global role of the United States in the second decade of the twenty-first century.

The symposium engaged scholars who challenge dominant perspectives on 9|11 from new directions, among them Bernd Greiner (Hamburg Institute for Social Research), Yvonne Haddad (Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University), Andreas Falke (International Studies, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg), and Emira Habiby Browne (Center for the Integration and Advancement of New Americans, New York). In addition to fourteen papers presented in four workshops, the symposium featured two panel discussions as well as an artist’s talk with Christoph Faulhaber whose work has provocatively engaged the reconstruction efforts at Ground Zero, the new security paradigm, and the international repercussions of the Guantànamo Bay detention complex.

"9|11 - Ten Years After, Looking Ahead" was funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation and the Consulate General of the United States (Düsseldorf).

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