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Past Events (2012)

"The Legacy of the Black Power Movement in the Twenty-First Century." MLK Lecture by Prof. Dr. Heike Paul. Jan. 17
"An Historical Grammar of Scottish Gaelic." Guest Lecture by Prof. William Gillies. Jan. 26
First Bonn Applied English Linguistics (BAEL) conference: Pragmatics and Beyond - Investigating Varieties, Processes and Functions of Language. Jan. 28
"Language and Culture Today in Britain and the Celtic Countries." Lecture by Diarmuid Johnson. Feb. 1
“Across Science and Religion: The Cultural Politics of Evolution." Guest Lecture by Venla Oikkonen. Feb. 3
Guest Lecture by Dr. Bryan van Sweringen: "'Popkulturkampf': The American Fifties Out on the Frontier of Freedom". May 3
"Der Teppich von Bayeux". Guest Lecture by Prof. Hans Sauer. May 3
Symposium: "Mimicry as Communication". April 19
“New Thoughts on an Old Occupation Zone: The Aesthetics of Propaganda, Race, and Fraternization on the Rhine, 1918-1923”. Guest Lecture by Vera Grant (Harvard University). May 17
NAS Lecture Series Election 2012: Guest Lecture by Prof. Joyce Mushaben "It's the Women, Stupid: Female Voters and Gender Policies in the 2012 Elections." May 22
"Bombay to Mumbai: Literary and Cinematic Representations." Guest Lecture by Prof. Nilufer Bharucha. June 5
Guest Lecture by Dr Oliver Pickering: "Problems with Editing the ‘South English Legendary’: The Work of the 'Outspoken' Poet." June 27
"'Nature Methodis'd': Eighteenth-Century Poetics and the Human Mind." Guest Lecture by Dr Karin Kukkonen. July 3
Guest Lecture by Dr. Torben Lütjen: “The Great Divide: Warum Amerika ideologisch so gespalten ist“. June 26
On the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012, the IAAK, in cooperation with Literaturhaus Bonn, presents Workshop “New Zealand”.October 8