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Symposium: "Mimicry as Communication". April 19

Mimicry seems deceptive. Yet could we be deceived if we took phenomena of imitation merely as fake?

Mimicry is a central term of biology, which, during the last three decades, has gained increasing conceptual and analytical relevance in the humanities and the social sciences. Framing mimicry as a mode of communication, we suggest that mimicry and related phenomena of imitation serve a crucial function in processes of interaction and translation between individual subjects, social groups, and cultures.

In this way, our transdisciplinary symposium challenges the assumption, prevalent in cultural studies, that mimicry operates, first and foremost, as a strategy of deception or subversion and as an affirmation of cultural difference. Considerably extending the scope of the concept of mimicry and accentuating the ethical dimension pertaining to phenomena of imitation, our debates will focus on how different forms of mimicry manage to mediate processes of interaction and communication.

When? Thursday, April 19; 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Where? Universitätsclub Bonn, Konviktstr. 9

Conference Website: Link.