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Past Events (2010)

Issues in defining and differentiating impoliteness and rudeness: Guest Lecture by Derek Bousfield (University of Central Lancashire), Jan. 14
David Walker and the Fight against Slavery: Martin Luther King Day Lecture by Prof. Norbert Finzsch, Jan. 19
"On alignment and affiliation in conversational storytelling: A case study". Guest Lecture by Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen (University of Helsinki), Jan. 21
Social Activism in Africa Meets Postcolonial Studies: Cooperative Event Jan. 28
Frauen im Kunstbetrieb: Panel Discussion, Feb. 2
How to Enjoy Shakespeare: International Guest Lecture March 17
The History of Southern Music and American Race Relations: Guest Lecture and Musical Performance April 20
On the Relationship Between (History of) Science and Drama: Guest Lecture and Staged Reading April 27
Prof. Dr. Robert Marc Friedman (History Department, University of Oslo)
UK General Election 2010: Is Gordon Brown's Time Running Out? Guest Lecture April 28
Poetry Reading and Discussion with Heather Phillipson: May 17
The Orphic Mind: Toward a Neuroscientific Theory of the Lyric. Guest Lecture by Sharon Lattig May 18
Samuel Johnson Rebalanced: The Happy Man, Family, and Religion. Guest Lecture and Seminar May 18/19
The Origins of Psychoanalysis in Romanticism: Lecture by Prof. Lessenich May 19
The Power of Oprah: Presentation of the M.A. North American Studies May 19
"Wissenschaft im Theater: eine liaison dangereuse": Guest Lecture by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Carl Djerassi, June 8
A Resilient Imprint: Guest Lecture by Kim Scott, June 16
Transcendental Radicals: The Antislavery Movement in Thoreau’s Concord. Guest Lecture by Sandra H. Petrulionis, June 22
My Place: Bringing the Stories of the Stolen Generations Into the Mainstream. Guest Lecture by Campbell Jefferys, June 23
Transatlantische Wissenschaftsdiplomatie im Amerika George W. Bushs: Guest Lecture by Peter Gottstein (BMBF), June 24
Performing the Uzbeki-Lebanese Border in Canada: Readings from the Postmodern Cabarets of Ali & Ali by Guillermo Verdecchia. June 30
William Caxton's Ovid: Guest Lecture by Prof. Dr. Hans Sauer, July 1
How to Create the New Rhetoric that Contemporary American Poets Seem to Be Seeking: Guest Lecture by Charles Altieri, July 6
The Poetry of Alun Cilie, Dic Jones and the 'beirdd gwlad' of Ceredigion. Guest Lecture by Diarmuid Johnson, July 8
Complicating Canada: International Symposium, July 16
Who's afraid of...? Facets of Fear in Anglophone Literature and Media, Sep. 24-25
Bonn Group for Eighteenth Century Studies: 1st Annual Conference, Oct. 6
"Staging Gender, Staging Class: Airtravel, Architecture, and Design in the Postwar Period". Guest Lecture Oct. 14, 2010.
Children on Stage: Idealised, Demonised, Eroticised. Guest Lecture Nov. 2, 2010.
Hundred Years of The Secret Garden. Nov. 5-6
Drink in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries: Consumers, Cross-Currents, Conviviality, Nov. 5-7
The Empire of Things in 18th-Century English Literature. Guest Lecture Dec. 7
Guest Lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility. Dec. 10