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No rooms have been reserved for the conference. However, there are several options for hotels in Bonn:

Hotel Mercedes

single room        66,00 Euro incl. breakfast
double room       76,00 Euro plus 16,00 Euro/room (breakfast)

Beethoven Hotel

single room       from 63,00
double room     from 97,00

Hotel Königshof

single room       112,00 Euro incl. breakfast
double room      119,00 Euro plus breakfast

B&B Hotel

single room       54,00 Euro plus 7,00 Euro/person (breakfast)
double room     64,00 Euro plus 7,00 Euro/person (breakfast)
triple room        84,00 Euro plus 7,00 Euro/person (breakfast)

Hotel Loehndorf

single room      from 52,00
double room     from 95,00