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Review: Workshop Impact & Research Communication Skills

The Workshop “Impact & Research Communication Skills” held by Josie Dixon, which took place at our Department last Thursday the 28th, was aimed to help PhD students to develop skills in order to sell their dissertation research to broader, non-academic audiences.

The six-hour workshop was comprehensively structured and provided the PhD candidates with methods to contextualize specific research topics. Dixon’s style of delivery was engaging and inspiring to many of the participants. The workshop gave several opportunities for pair exercises in which you got to exchange ideas with peer PhD students and how to approach topics of research that are often unrelated to your own.

Have you ever tried writing a tabloid newspaper article about your dissertation project? Did you ever have to find a capturing heading to make your research stand out? Does your work have the grab factor? Well, here are some of our most smashing headlines:

“Our Freedom is War - And Hollywood is ok with?!”

“New Dream Theory facilitates long overdue Dialogue between Native and non-Native population”

“Do we need a human body?”

This workshop explored new and inspiring perspectives on our dissertation projects, or as one participant remarked: “I had the Eureka moment!”

For more information, see also communication-skills.html