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The Department Library for Beginners

Every student at the Department of English, American, and Celtic Studies should get familiar with the department library as early as possible – yet few students actually do. When looking for information, the library should be your starting point. It contains information selected by lecturers and systematically arranged by librarians. In contrast to the internet, in the library you will find information filtered by qualified staff, often within the range of a few square metres. If you do not find what you are looking for, at the library you can at least find out how and where to continue searching.

If you want to enter the library, you have to stick to a few rules. During the opening times (Monday – Thursday: 9am – 9pm, Friday: 9am – 6pm) you can access the library rooms without jackets, bags, drinks or food. To get rid of the above mentioned, you should use the lockers on the ground floor. For these, you will have to bring a lock yourselves. Changed opening hours will be announced online and at the library’s door.

Assuming that you have passed through the first doors of the library, equipped only with the things that are allowed here, you will find the library’s supervisor to your right. Straight ahead is the door leading to the main library, looking back over your left shoulder you can see another open door. Any further steps depend on what you are looking for:

Dictionaries, encyclopedias and bibliographies are positioned directly after entering the main library room.

The “C” signatures (textbooks and language practice) are in the small room next to the library’s exit.

“U” (American Studies) and “B” (journals and periodicals) signatures can be found by walking through the main library room and going downstairs.

All other signatures of English and American Studies are inside the main room of the department library.

With the help of the computers (turn right after entering the main library room) and the card index (turn left after entering the main library room), you can easily find out the signatures of any book you are looking for. Besides, on top of the shelves containing the card index, there is a systematic list of the library’s signatures, which you can use if you are not sure where to look for a certain book.

If you still have problems finding a book or if you need assistance, you can always ask the library staff!