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B.A. Teaching Degree

Since 2011, the University of Bonn has reintroduced a Teaching Degree programme (“Gymnasium/Gesamtschule”/”Berufskolleg”). The dual-subject programme is now followed by a postgraduate degree leading to a “Master of Education” (M.Ed.). Students choose two main subjects, which are complemented by educational science and periods of vocational training in schools. English can be taken as one of the two subjects.


Structure of the Programme



Entry Requirements



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Structure of the Programme

The University of Bonn offers degree courses in most important school subjects, but not all. When choosing your subjects, you need to take into account that not all subject combinations are possible without timetable clashes. To ensure you avoid such clashes, please consult the list of  possible subject combinations to find out which subjects can be suitably combined with English Studies: Link.

The undergraduate part of the programme consists of two main subjects (144 credit points, 72 each) as well as didactics/ educational science (12 credit points), vocational training periods (12 credit points) and the completion of a B.A. thesis (12 credit points). While the focus of the B.A. is on the two main academic subjects, the M.Ed. lays stronger emphasis on educational science and didactics.

Within the course of your teaching degree (B.A. or M.Ed.) an obligatory stay abroad of at least three months is required. For further details please see § 4 section 2 of the examination regulations (Link).

The following overview shows the modules to be taken in English. A module can consist of lectures, seminars, and tutorials. A module overview is available here.



4 modules (6 ECTS each)

Compulsory modules:

  • Language I (WS AND SS)
  • Introduction to Language and Communication Studies (WS)
  • Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies (WS)

Wahlpflichtbereich (SS):

  • Issues in British and Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures OR
  • Issues in Language and Communication Studies OR
  • Issues in North American Literatures and Cultures



5 modules (6 ECTS each)

Compulsory modules:

  • Language II (WS)
  • Language and Didactics (SS)



  • North American Literatures and Cultures
  • British Literature and Culture
  • Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures


  • Language in Structures and Function
  • Language in Culture and Cognition


  • Medieval Studies
  • Regional Studies North America
  • Regional Studies GB/IRL

Language II and Language and Didactics are compulsory.

One linguistic elective is compulsory: Language in Culture and Cognition
OR Language in Structures and Function (from academic year 15 - 16) OR Medieval Studies (until academic year 14-15)

One literary elective is compulsory: North American Literatures and Cultures OR British Literature and Culture OR Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures.

Of all the other eight modules, you choose one more.

THIRD YEAR / Wahlpflichtbereich
2 modules (1 literary, 1 linguistic), 9 ECTS each.

  • British and Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures
  • North American Studies


  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Applied Linguistics

You choose two of these five modules. In the 3rd year you also write your
B.A. thesis, either in English or in your other subject.




The polyvalence of the B.A. is designed so that students with a teaching B.A. as a first degree not only have the option of proceeding with a “Master of Education” postgraduate degree, but can also pursue other careers.




Bonn is a picturesque city on the Rhine. You will be studying in the former palace of the Archbishop of Cologne. Numerous international organisations have offices in Bonn, such as the United Nations and the Fairtrade Labelling Organization. Several German government agencies are located here, along with the headquarters of the Deutsche Post and Deutsche Telekom. Bonn is part of a region vibrant with media and culture including the TV networks RTL and WDR, the radio stations Deutsche Welle and Deutschlandfunk, museums and theatres of national renown. It is an ideal place to study, to live, and to start your career.


Entry Requirements


  • A strong interest in the English language and in Anglophone literatures and cultures.
  • Abitur or equivalent certificate of secondary education.
  • Proficiency in a third language. If this is your native language, you will not need to provide school certificates.




The fees for each semester of your studies amount to about € 320 Sozialbeitrag. Details:





You can only start your studies if you have been admitted to both your main subjects AND to the educational sciences. Please note that you have to apply separately for admission to educational sciences. In some subjects, further admission restrictions apply.

New students are admitted to the programme every winter semester. Classes begin in mid-October.


More Information


For more information please contact Dr. Silke Meyer (Link).

The “BZL Lehrerbildung” offers further information as well: Link.
See also the FAQ section of the “BZL Lehrerbildung” website: Link.