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B.A. English Studies

English is a global language and the gateway to politics, business and culture worldwide. In our programme you will be exploring the language, literatures, and cultures of the English-speaking world past and present. The course focuses on Great Britain, North America, and the postcolonial world. All classes are taught in English.

We encourage you to participate in the Online Self Assessment for our programme before you enroll. For enrolment, look here.

Enrolment until 2017:

 Enrolment from 2018:
(Prüfungsordnung 2018, auch Fachstudiengangs- und Ortswechsler)


Professional Development / Praktikum etc.

For information on the module Professional Development: Link




Please note: the Introductions and Issues courses are prerequisites for the respective Linguistics/Literary and Cultural Studies modules of the second and third year. The Issues courses have no prerequisites.

The Language modules are each prerequisites to the next Language module.


Module examples

Examples for courses in our modules can be found here: Link

For detailed description on the modules available, please see: Link.


International Students


Course Regulations / Prüfungsordnungen

Exam regulations since 2018: Prüfungsordnung

The course regulations for current, more advanced M.A. students can be found here:

Exam regulations since 2013: Prüfungsordnung

Changes to 2013 examination regulations 2015. Download (pdf).

Changes to 2013 examination regulations 2017. Download (pdf).

Changes to 2013 examination regulations 2018. Download (pdf).





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