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Why English Studies? Where do I go from here?

Our alumni are working in various positions, of course at schools as teachers of English, but also in higher education in language centres at universities, as lecturers, or even as professors, but also with organisations in the academic sector such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Wissenschaftsrat, Max-Planck institutes, or Goethe Institutes etc.

They work for example in the cultural sector, e.g. in theatres as directors, in dramaturgy, and its organisation, in museums, as school support, in public services, or in businesses and companies, in charge of personnel or communication/PR e.g. AXA Konzern AG, but also at NGOs or the United Nations, in politics or diplomacy.

Many work in entertainment, businesses, and publishing media such as the WDR, Phoenix, RTL, or Deutsche Welle, as journalists for newspapers, or online at Turtle Entertainment, or the European Sports League.

They work as translators, authors, and editors, in libraries, for publishers like DTV, KiWi, Cross Cult, Egmont Lyx, Bastei Lübbe and anywhere else that a degree in the arts and the humanities qualify for...


- education: schools, universities, academic institutions, language teaching

- culture: event management, theatres, museums, libraries

- public services & politics, national, regional and local administration

- private business, personnel management, communication, PR, tourism

- media, journalism, entertainment, TV, radio, newspapers, online companies

- print media, translation, editing, writing

- international organisations, diplomatic services

- etc.


During the degree, BA students also have to complete the module 

Professional Development

The module “Professional Development” offers the opportunity to get a first insight into future fields of professional employment. Students are encouraged to research their internship position independently and spend a four-week fulltime internship within a professional field of their choice. They furthermore may enhance their set of skills acquired throughout their university studies. Alternatively, students may participate in an equally long summer school or professional workshop and are encouraged to look for positions both within and beyond Germany.