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Health Issues


Whatever issues or problems you might encounter with regards to your health, you are welcome to contact Dr. Imke Lichterfeld, Dr. Nicole Meier or our new lecturers of trust: Hanna Bruns and Don Lowman.

The University of Bonn offers the following information for students with disabilities: Studieren mit Handicap.


Mental Health & Stress

Students with psychological problems or mental health issues can always contact and get a personal appointment with either the studies coordinator Dr. Imke Lichterfeld, or the custodian Dr. Nicole Meier, or the lecturers of Trust.
You will get help structuring your studies, register for courses and exams as well as information and advice for further psychological help within the university.
You can contact our lecturer of trust if you want to talk to somebody who has nothing to do with exams, registrations etc.

The lecturer of trust works outside of official university organisations (e.g. studies coordination, academic coordinator, examination office etc.). They supports students confidentially, discreetly, and on equal terms. Their office is a safe space for students of marginalised identities. 

Aside from matters related to university, such as questioning or doubting one’s course of studies, the lecturers of trust supports and advises students on private matters that interfere with or impede their studies. These are, for example, mental health or issues with time management. 

Appointments can be booked below, made by request, or conducted via email.

Please note that the lecturer of trust does not offer therapy. However, they can alert students to further professional consulting services.   



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Physical disabilities

Since our institute is located in the university’s main building and most of the classrooms are situated on the second floor with no elevator, it is extremely difficult to accommodate people who are mobility-impaired.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Exam Regulations

For people who are physically disabled or have medically treated mental health issues, it is possible to get a so called “Nachteilsausgleich”, a letter that certifies your disability and can – if needed – provided you with adequate compensations. Examples would be the extension of deadlines, or the possibility to write an exam in three instead of two hours. In order to get such a letter, you should contact the examination office and bring the necessary notes from your doctor.


Further Contacts


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