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International Programmes

"Undergraduates who study abroad are likely to return with an appreciation of diverse societies and a global mindset, as well as the experience of living independently [...] Combined with a good academic record from a reputable university, these personal qualities will make graduates highly attractive to employers." 

(Carl Gilleard, Association of Graduate Recruiters)


It is vital that our students spend a semester or two in an English-speaking country - even if course descriptions do not make this compulsory. Spending time abroad will massively enhance your language skills. Your academic and personal horizon will be broadened. You can offer international experience to future employers on your CV.

Our Department, in return, benefits from international students from English-speaking and other countries. Studying in an international environment is stimulating.

The ERASMUS programme enables our students to spend one or two semesters at universities all over Europe. Students from these universities can study one or two semesters at our institute. In addition, Erasmus supports international internships or our students.

Apart from ERASMUS, there are many other ways to Bonn and abroad