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Want to study abroad?/ Applications

Application to the Department of English, American and Celtic Studies
Deadline: 20 December 2021
Acceptance letters will be sent out by mid/end of February 2022
Registration with the International Office (Mobility Online) 
Deadline: 15 March 2021
Nomination of the applicants at the partner universities
Registration at the partner universities
Different deadlines!

ERASMUS-Programme of the IAAK offers 

First Steps


How do I apply?

Criteria of choice?        



The ERASMUS-Programme of the IAAK offers:

  • scholarships for 1 or 2 semesters
  • a choice of 22 universities

  • preparation of stay abroad
  • intense support at the partner university
  • most partner universities allow lodging in halls of residence
  • credit for your international study achievements
  • a regular office hour for Erasmus students and applicants


First Steps:

  • start thinking about your stay abroad about one year in advance
  • look at our list of partner universities
  • find out which universities you are most interested in and check if they offer courses and modules which suit your curriculum (don't forget your minor)
  • be aware of the Erasmus application deadline and hand in your application

If you have questions, you are always welcome to see us during the office hours.

We urgently recommend to read the ERASMUS information of the International Office on the organisation of your ERASMUS stay, possibilities of preliminary EILC language courses etc. before your application.



  • scholarships for one or two semesters
  • The scholarship consists of exemption from tuition fees of the host university
  • monthly allowance of about 490-600 €
  • All further costs, such as transport, living costs etc. have to be covered by the student


When is the best time for "Going Out":


  • you can go abroad either for one Semester or for one full Academic Year (WS and SS)
  • 3rd (WS) or 4th semester (SS): you can do language II and III in your 3rd year
  • 5th (WS) or 6th semester (SS): you can do language II and language III in your 2nd year and write your BA thesis abroad
  • BA-thesis abroad:  You can write your BA-thesis at the partner university, still it will be supervised by a mentor from the IAAK. Please discuss all details with your mentor before your departure and stay in contact during your time abroad.


  • It is possible to study abroad as an MA student, too, but more complicated due to differing European degree systems. Please contact us personally if you are interested in an Erasmus grant.


How do I apply?

Application documents:

  • null Application Form
  • Letter of Motivation
      • 2-3 pages
      • must be in English 
      • Why do you want to study abroad? Reasons for your choice of  universities (please choose at least 3 universities)
      • Commitment besides your studies (social involvement, Student Advisor Programme etc.)
  • CV
  • null Letter of Recommendation: sent  to us directly by the teacher, either

      1) in a closed envelope to our office or

      2) in an email to <[Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]> as a photo/scan 
          of the signed document
  • Transcript of Records (Notenübersicht bei basis)


Please combine all the documents except the letter of recommendation in one PDF file with your name!

We will ONLY accept complete applications which meet our formal requirements!

Please upload your application to this Sciebo folder. Password: outAng21. You can only upload your application until 20 December 2021. Please do not upload multiple applications!

Deadline for AJ 2022/23 (Winter and Summer Term): 20 Dec 2021


Criteria of choice?

  • Letter of Motivation: we are interested in your academic aims for your time abroad and recommend to focus on the scientific and teaching modalities of the partner institution (please mention three options)
  • CV: commitment and experience will be positively appraised
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Transcript of Records: Erasmus is not an elite-programme, nevertheless excellent grades can tip the scales