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Incoming students

Welcome to Bonn and Welcome to the Department of English, American and Celtic Studies!

Important Information

!!! All Erasmus students need to be nominated to Bonn University by their home university first. Application for an Erasmus grant always takes place via your home university !!!



Meetings and previous info presentations

  • Welcome meeting: Thursday, 5 October, 12.30 pm at the Wolfgang-Paul-Hörsaal, Kreuzbergweg 28, 53115 Bonn.
  • Mid-term meeting: tbd. You can find the presentation from the last term here.


Who is my contact person? 

I have been nominated to Bonn University by my home university. What are the next steps?

Where do I find my courses? How do I register?

Language Classes

How many ECTS points can I expect for my courses?

How will I receive my Transcript of Records?


Who is my contact person?

The Erasmus Programme at Bonn University is organized in a decentralized way. Thus, your Erasmus departmental coordinator and the International Office will be in charge of your Erasmus stay.

  • The departmental coordinator is your main contact person and supervisor. They can advise you on academic matters and will help you in difficult situations. Always contact your departmental coordinator first

   Departmental Coordinator: Laura Kästner
   E-mail: [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]
   Office hour: Tuesdays, 11 am - 12 pm (registration via email)

  • The International Office takes care of more general organisational matters which concern all international students: Erasmus-Assist

I have been nominated to Bonn University by my home university. What are the next steps?

  • If you have been nominated as an Erasmus student at Bonn University, you still need to register officially over our online portal Mobility-Online.
  • Once you are officially registered, you will receive all further information.
  • Information on accommodations, language classes and enrollment (after arrival).



Course choice and registration

Course Choice:

  • Choose the semester which applies to your stay at Bonn University.
  • Bachelor students can only choose Bachelor modules (no Master courses).
  • Master students may choose from all courses.
  • You may take courses at other departments, too, but please enrol at least in one course at the English department.


Course registration:

  • You apply for your courses by writing to the respective teachers individually and asking them for course admission. If they agree to your participation, you are enrolled.
  • Talk to your teacher in the first lesson and remind them of your application.

It is very important that you register for your courses as soon as your learning agreement has been accepted!


Language Classes

You can apply for language classes at the Center for Language Acquisition. Most likely, you will be able to join a German class, all other language courses are very demanded. You need to enroll quickly. For more details and questions, please use the contact form.


How many ECTS points can I expect for my courses? 

Attention! The ECTS points listed here are valid exclusively for the English department. Every department has its own rules for giving ECTS points.

ECTS points academic year 2023/2024

Please only take full modules and not individual courses! ECTS are only awarded if you take all module components and pass the final exam.


Exam registration

  • Generally, Erasmus students are not able to register for exams via BASIS. Therefore, you need to register for your exams by contacting your teachers and informing them that you would like to participate in the final exam.
  • Additionally, please fill in the Course Certificate 2023 and give it to all of your teachers. Your teachers will fill in your grade as soon as they have marked your course achievements.
  • The filled-in course certificate needs to be submitted to us via e-mail ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]), while the paper original needs to be given to us via the departmental secretariat.
  • If your teacher directly sends you your course certificate, please forward it to us via [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]!

  • At the beginning of the semester, we will send you the Kursübersicht, which needs to be filled in by you and returned to us via [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. This will be the basis on which we eventually prepare your transcript of records.
  • Once we received all of your course certificates, we will create your transcript and send it to you and, if you wish, your home university.