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Outgoing Students



Before departure

After your arrival at the partner university

Towards the end of your stay

Language classes



 General Notes

  • Depending on the university, Erasmus documents might be labeled differently. If you are unsure about anything please ask your coordinator.
  • More information about the programme can be found here.


Language classes

  • Language classes cannot be funded
  • Still, if you want to participate in  an intensive language course offered right before the beginning of the semester, this time will already be covered by the Erasmus scholarship

  • Exception: you can apply for a cost-free EILC language course in your host county; EILC language courses teach less known and taught European languages; for further information, please have a look at the EILC Website



  • Health Insurance
    • You can get an EU-Health Insurance card by your health insurance. Please talk to your health insurance for details.
  • Indemnity and casualty insurance
    • Ask your host university whether you will be insured and what their policy on insurances is. Please contact your insurance for details. Bonn's International Office can help you as well.


Before departure:

      • Attention: If you want to write your BA/MA thesis abroad you cannot apply for study suspension
  • Self-reliant application at the partner university (You need to read all Erasmus Emails! The closing date of your partner university must not be missed!)

  • Online Learning Agreement

    • in the Online Learning Agreement you note down which courses you want to take, it will facilitate the accreditation of courses after your return. This has to be done before going abroad!

    • please contact Dr Nicole Meier and agree with her on your course choice (and later accreditation) before you fill in the Online Learning Agreement!

    • From 2021/22 onwards, all learning agreements are prepared, submitted and signed online (click HERE for instructions)
    • List of Receiving Responsible Persons
    • Annex Learning Agreement

After your arrival at the partner university:

  • If you need to make changes to your Learning Agreement, please contact Dr. Meier, then note down all changes in the second part of your Learning Agreement (+signatures from all parties)


Towards the end of your stay:

  • Confirmation

    • Final approval of your host university including the exact dates of your arrival and departure

    • Send it to Bonn’s International Office


  • Online Evaluation

    • Please write it by the end of your stay abroad (see guidelines)

    • Send it to Bonn’s International Office and your departmental coordinator

These two documents need to be handed in at Bonn’s International Office four weeks after your return; once all your documents are submitted your will receive your second Erasmus tranche


  • Transcript of Records

    • will be sent to you several weeks after your study stay and will be necessary for the accreditation of your study achievements

    • credits for modules: Dr. Meier will send you an email with instructions on how to fill in the forms (Anrechungsformulare) and with links to the forms (BZL and PhilFak Prüfungsbüro)