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Student Advisor Programme



Enroll for the Student Advisor Programme and help one of our Erasmus students during their first days in Bonn!

You will be the contact person for general questions on Bonn, the university and student life. Further, your Erasmus partner will have an easier access to academic matters and your personal contact will foster cultural understanding on both sides.

Apart from that, you might have the chance to already meet a student of your future host university.

Of course, you will receive a certificate for your commitment by the end of the semester.


Tasks of a Student Advisor:

  • Contact the Erasmus student after you received their email address
  • Welcome the student in Bonn
  • Assist the student in academic and organisational matters during their first days


Are you interested?

Please fill out the application form or write an email to Laura Kästner and send it to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. Either way, please let us know:
- your name, phone number and e-mail address
- which language(s) you speak
- whether you would prefer a partner student from a specific country or university
- whether you are available in the winter or summer term or both, and from which date (1. Sept./Oct. or 1. March/April)


Further information

What's the difference between Study Buddy and Student Advisor?

The Student Advisor Programme and the Study Buddy Programme are diverse programmes. Both programmes are student support services, but they aim at different target groups.

  • The Study Buddy Programme is led by Bonn's international office and will give you the chance to meet international students who came to Bonn by various exchange programmes. More information can be found here.
  • The Student Advisor Programme is part of the IAAK's Erasmus programme and was set up particularly for English students. You will support students from all over Europe during their starting time (or longer, if you wish).


Certificate of International Competence

Being a Student Advisor gives you points you might need for the Ambassador Component of the Certificate of International Competence. If you are interested in obtaining this, more information can be found here.

In any case we would issue a certificate for your participation in this programme.