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Other Ways Abroad


In most cases course credits from abroad can be used for your degree at the IAAK. Please contact the Kustodin

Direct Exchanges

Bonn cooperates with many universities from all over the world to enable students to study abroad. This includes a waiver for tuition fees for and, at particular universities, a full grant. Further information from the University's International Office.


The exchange programme of the Fulbright Commission enables German students to spend an academic year at an American university and vice versa. Full and partial grants are given. A full grant approximately covers tuition fees, flights, and life expenses.

Study Abroad Programmes of Individual Universities

In addition to specific exchange agreements, universities from several English-speaking countries offer students the possibility to study one or two semesters on a visiting basis. The credits can, however, still be used at the home university. If you have a particular university in mind, you should check their study abroad programme. These programmes usually require you to pay tuition fees. Tuition fees, flights, and living expenses can be covered via Auslands-BAFöG or via a grant from the DAAD



If you cannot get credits for your degree programme because you are working abroad, you are advised to apply for leave of absence (Beurlaubung) at the Studentensekretariat. Working in an English-speaking country is a sufficient grounds to get a leave of absence approved.

Teaching Assistant/German Language Assistant

Schools and universities in Britain and many other English-speaking countries employ German university students to teach German, in most cases for a year. Typically, you do not have to be aiming at a teaching certificate (Lehramt) in Germany. The PAD and the DAAD can find a position for you. However, independent research on the Internet is a more promising way today. You may also receive a higher salary.

Other Jobs and Internships

Germans do not need a visa or work permit to work in Ireland because this country is part of the European Union. Australia and New Zealand offer Working Holiday Visas that include a work permit. In Canada and the United States it is only possible to work after an invitation has been received from a domestic employer.

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