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Student Awards

Queen's Prize

The Queen's Prize is an annual award for the best B.A. thesis or M.A. thesis in the field of English Studies.
The award was established by Queen Elizabeth II in 1965. The laureates are selected by a committee consisting of staff members and representatives of the British Embassy.


2016: Hannah Aengenvoort

Queen’s Prize 2016.jpg


2015: Inge Erhardt ( erhardt.jpg
Copyright: Volker Lannert/Universität Bonn


2014: Mays, Inken

Queens_Prize 2014.jpg


2013: Sell, Friederike

2012: Engel, Katharina

2011: Holakova, Lenka

2010: Meyer, Ariane

2009: Pätz, Alina

2008: Kurth, Vera Kristina

2007: Lieder, Bernadette

2006: Reeck, Doreen

2005: Langer, Caren Birgit

Preisträger 2004 - 1966


Ambassador's Award


Some of these theses can be found in the departmental library! Why not have a look at some outstanding examples of peers' work before writing your own thesis.