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Even finishing your studis does not mean you have to be finished with university! You can get in contact with other alumni through the alumni network or consider pursuing a PhD.

Alumni Network

The network currently connecta 19870 alumni, current and former employees, as well as active students with each other and especially with their alma mater.  At the alumni portal, you can search for and contact former fellow students. In regional groups, you can quickly make new contacts, for example after a move, or seek subject-related exchange in departmental groups.
In the Career Forum event series, current students can learn from the experiences of alumni from their degree program and get to know new people. Three to four alumni report on their experiences in choosing a career, applying for a job and starting a career and are available for personal discussions. In addition, as a member of the Alumni Network, you can support students by donating to the Deutschlandstipendium program. Numerous students have already been supported in this way.

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PhD (Dr. Phil.)

Doctoral degrees can be obtained in literary and cultural studies (Anglistik/Amerikanistik: Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft) and linguistics (Anglistik/Amerikanistik: Sprachwissenschaft).

All full professors (Prof. Dr.) and PrivatdozentInnen (PD) can act as advisers for a doctoral thesis. Please check the tab 'People' to find current professors and their research interests to find someone that aligns with your thesis project. 

However, we currently do not offer any official PhD programmes and currently there are no vacant positions, including positions as research assistants.

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