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Please read these carefully before sending us an email. Your question may be answered here already.


This information is regarding our degree programmes (BA English Studies, MA English Literaturs and Cultures, MA Applies Linguistics, MA North American Studies, and English Lehramt) in specific. For general questions regarding application, requirements, and enrollment, please consult the main university website.

  • Do I need to take an English language test?
    No. You will, however, have to provide some kind of proof that you are proficient in English. If you graduated from a German high school (Abitur), this is sufficient.
  • I am not from Germany. Do I need to speak German if I want to study English?
    Yes. However, different to most other degree programmes at Bonn, which require a C1 level of proficiency, English only requires B2.
  • Can I still apply for an MA even though I do not yet have the required certificate of German proficiency?
    Yes. Between application and enrollment, there should be enough time to take and pass a German language exam. If you speak no Germany at all or do not speak it at a sufficient level, the university also offers preparatory courses.
  • How do I know which courses I should take?
    Other than mandatory courses (Pflichtkurse), it is up to you which courses you take. Check the module handbooks, course guides, and course descriptions on Basis for more information regarding content, requirements, and form of examination of the course before making your choice.
  • How do I register for courses on Basis?
    After logging in, go to "My Functions → Registration/Unregistration of Lectures" ("Funktionen → Veranstaltungen belegen/abmelden"). Click through to the courses you wish to take and then click on the door symbol next to the course title.
  • Can I take a course just out of interest (e.g. after I already completed the module)?
    Yes. This is called auditing. Please contact the lecturer for the course you would like to attend. If they agree, you can attend.
  • I missed both registration phases or did not get into the courses I applied to, what do I do?
    Please contact the lecturers of those courses you have/want to take and ask them to be put on the waiting list. If the lecturers agree, you may register during the late registration phase (Nachmeldephase). However, if you register during the late registration phase without getting your lecturer's consent to do so, you will be removed from the course!
  • Why can't I sign up for an exam?
    Make sure you have fulfilled all prerequisits; in most cases, this means an entry on Basis that says "teilgenommen" for on all required classes in the module. If you have not been marked as teilgenommen but have fulfilled all requirements, please contact your lecturer(s).
  • I'm sick but I have an exam today, what do I do?
    Please get a doctor's note and contact the Prüfungsamt (BZL for teaching degree students) ASAP.
  • Where do I find the examination form (Prüfungsformular) for my term papers?
    After logging into Basis, go to "My Functions → Information on registered examinations" ("Funktionen → Info über angemeldete Prüfungen"). From there, click on the degree (e.g. Bachelor of Arts), then select your specific programme (e.g. "English Studies") and click on the encircled "i" symbol next to it. Then, there should be a downloadable pdf named "Prüfungsformular für Hausarbeiten". Should there not be such a download or the genreated file not include the necessary form, please contact the Prüfungsamt.
    The pdf contains all forms for all registered papers. There are not several separate files for each paper.
  • Why can't I unregister a term paper?
    Term paper registration is final and cannot be withdrawn without reason. Make sure you have a topic you know you can write about and that you have talked to your lecturer before registrating a term paper. If there are circumstances outside your control that prevent you from finishing your term paper or finishing it in time, please contact the Prüfungsamt (BZL for teaching degree students).
  • I'm an Erasmus or otherwise foreign exchange student and as such, I cannot register my exams on Basis. What do I do?
    Please talk to your lecturer as early as possible so they know you wish to take the exam (it might be a good idea to do so via email so you have it in writing). Then, you simply sit the exam and, if you pass, receive confirmation that you have, which you can then transfer to your home university.

For general information regarding your BA and MA theses, please see the university's guides for Bachelor and Master theses.

  • It says I need 108 CP to register my BA thesis. Is this only for English or for both my subjects?
    In order to register your thesis, you need 108 CP in your Major.
  • Is it mandatory to take a colloquium?
    Yes, except for those who take English as a Minor (Begeleitfach). It is also mandatory for Double Majors (Zwei-Fach) if they want to write their thesis in English Studies or combine both English Studies and their other subject.
  • Is attendance mandatory?
    Attendance is not mandatory except for courses in the Modules Language I, Language II, Language III, and Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Even though attendance is not mandatory in all other courses, it is very strongly encouraged. Students who attended classes regularly have a significantly easier time passing exams and writing term papers. Please also note that while attendance is not mandatory, you still have to fulfill the required Studienleistung for a class in order to be able to take the exam or write the term paper.
  • Where do I find my lecturers' contact information?
    You can find most lecturers' email addresses on their Basis profiles. More detailed information, such as the location of their office, can be found elsewhere on this website.
  • Is it mandatory to spend one or more terms abroad?
    Only for teaching degree students. More information regarding exchange programmes can be obtained from our Erasmus team.
  • Do you have any tips on how to write proper emails?
    Please make sure to use an appropriate subject line. Use an appropriate greeting; in English, this is "Dear Mr/Ms/Mx/Dr/Prof [Last Name]. Make sure your register is polite and refrain from using colloquial language. Finally, don't forget to sign and proofread your emails. For a comprehensive guide on how to write emails properly, see here.


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