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Department of English, American, and Celtic Studies

Institut für Anglistik, Amerikanistik und Keltologie der Universität Bonn (IAAK)


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The Department's move to Rabinstraße 8!

The Department of English, American, and Celtic Studies moved to Rabinstraße 8, 53111 Bonn. You will find the offices of professors, lecturers and other staff members on the 2nd floor. In case of questions or other concerns, fell free to come by the secretary's office (room 2-020).

Please keep in mind, that the old offices are no longer in use since 01.03.2023.


Welcome to the online presence of the Department of English, American, and Celtic Studies


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Stand with Ukraine!

The Department of English, American, and Celtic Studies condemn Putin’s war against Ukraine as does the University of Bonn: see We stand with Ukraine and its people and want to offer our support to affected students from Ukraine, Russia, and surrounding countries. We also condemn the atmosphere of hostility towards people of Russian background in Germany and want to work toward the safety and emotional security for all persons affected by the dynamics of the war in Germany.


The International Office’s hotline – 0228/73-5544 – is open to all university students with their concerns, especially to those affected by the current crisis. You can also contact them via [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. Amongst other things, they provide scholarships for affected students and give advice for students (fleeing) from Ukraine or Russia.


This war concerns us all. Professional counselling is available for all university students. If you would like to talk to somebody from the department or need help contacting these services, please get in touch with Marthe-Siobhán Hecke ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]), your liaison lecturer.


If you have concerns in connection to the war in Ukraine or ideas/suggestions as to what the University or department could do to help, please also contact Marthe-Siobhán Hecke. She is in close contact with the International Office and other university offices involved in providing support.


More information can be found here:


Some other useful links:


a. Counselling:


Psychologische Beratung:

b. Abteilung für Osteuropäische Geschichte:

c. International Office:

d. Deutsch-Ukrainischer Verein e.V. “Blau-Gelbes Kreuz“:

e. Accommodations for Ukrainians:

f. Bonn-based group to help Ukraine: contact Pavlo Hrosul [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]


Stand with Ukraine!