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English Literatures and Cultures

English Literatures and Cultures

Research and teaching in this section cover British literature and culture from the 16th century/the Renaissance to the present as well as Anglophone literatures and cultures from around the globe. This means discussing canonical authors such as William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, Margaret Atwood, and Chinua Achebe but also various facets of popular culture, including fantasy and crime fiction, music, TV series, and fan cultures. These topics are addressed from a range of theoretical vantage points, for example gender and queer studies, postcolonial studies, and ecocriticism.

M.A. English Literatures and Cultures

The two-year M.A. programme (taught in English) is open to students who have completed a B.A. in English Studies or a related subject. The M.A. allows students to deepen their knowledge about British literatures and cultures from the Middle Ages to the present day, Postcolonial Studies as well as Anglophone media and popular cultures.

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